Mistress Anastasia invites Her Friends

Posted on March 13, 2014

Unfortunately, the slave Irene summoned for the Ladies entertainment is behaving in a rude and sullen manner.

Boss sequesters him in the jail cell area, and you get a worms eye view of each Lady ascending the stairs to lend Boss a hand in his discipline. Since he refused to eat his dinner, the Ladies take turns with his food bowl and mouth; making use of them as an ashtray. The slave is made to lick the ashtray, and the bottoms of the Ladies shoes to atone for his sullen behavior. Fantastic smoking scenes! The film is backlit with glass block windows, allowing you to see all of the smoke, smoke rings, and sexy lipstick stains on the butts. Didnt your Mother tell you that bad women like to smoke? The prisoner is marched downstairs into the new Interrogation room to undergo some of the heaviest corporal discipline imaginable! Extreme heavy paddling, tawsing, caning, smacking, and bullwhipping will cause you to wonder how this slave will ever be able to sit properly again! The Ladies all take turns with the subject, who is securely fastened over a high black spanking bench, and then tied to a punishment box with his posterior in the air. If you liked Smoking Nuns, this ones for you! The male creature is forced to worship feet, shoes, and boots after his discipline.

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