Finishing touches before showtime

Posted on March 13, 2014

Very pretty she is, lovely, deadly smile and the photog is doing his Hannity and Colmes routine.

Any man would love to be punished by this one.And there he is, in the bird cage. Masked and confined, slut boy is gonna get his ass beat. Oh, that ass of hers is to die for. He cant run away as he is pinned into the birdie box and she can do anything with anything she wishes.And such ugly, tacky briefs and she calls him on it. You guys wont believe this girls driving, jutting, rounded ass. Great thighs to go with it. For wearing such ugly u-trou, mistress has him inhale and gag himself with his own crusty drawers. Like hes inhaling chloroform or something.And verbally shaming him too, this is exciting. Glad to know she is not on drugs. Look at that ass. And she loves to use the word fuck. As a noun, adjective, rejoinder and rattles that cage.Boosted up to the cage, she is nimble. He is pathetic, fat slut boy with a puny prick. Spit upon him and call him what he is—-a dirty, filthy man, as they all are. Great tongue torture. What a way to get topped.And she likes to fuck big black guys. And he gets to lick the juices while she goes to piss. Her exact words, not our editorializing. This is no bullshit, just look at that ass. Her verbal skills are outstanding. Not forced, not rehearsed or contrived, she really enjoys this trip and gets the whip right through the bars on him. He is so fat, she couldnt miss with a two by four.Again comments on her ass. Butt break, kind of. His cock is about to get a thrashing. Coney Island has carneys??? The cig and bic get his nuts and the pole points out, so he likes it. She has a heavy, yet sexy, Midtown accent and is viciously raking her talons over his cock flesh.She loves pinching those titties and he yelps. Here comes the tupperware goodies. Ropes. She is insulted because he has not been wankering and thinking of her during his four month absence, so she is going to unclog that cum back log with those strands.She is going to rip that cock right out of the stem. And she presses her perfect fanny cheeks against the bars. Time for some windmill flogging. A metal, St. Andrews cross bolted into the wall, very rich.Cant wait for the sequel. She orders him to fill up a mayo jar with his spunk and bring it to her next time. Look at that fucking ass. This woman has more cats than a litter. They also have church services down here, given the stained glass.Shes tanning his back with vigor now. She wants him to bleed and is offended that he patronizes others. She says toothless, crack whores will deal with him in the future. Shes got more flogging sashes than a set of drapes.Her ass is a temple. A shrine. Imagine it—-full force and weight, upon a dirty mans face. He bleeds, he sees her tits. Hmmmm. Fair trade. Behold her bottom. Hes break dancing now as the whip cuts.Wooden paddle time and shes doing an info-mercial to drum up business. He is a welted, reddened, sniveling mess. Over 100 with the wood. Knife play, poking it into his cock and balls, and she wants him to pay homage to her ass.And now, the swishing, rattan cane. Espanol in her lexicon too. And now, his reward, he gets to kiss her ass. Only a couple smoochies but half a loaf is better than no loaf.If you can find this Mistress Delilah in NYC, do so. The ass is just to die for. Whipping, flogging, caning, cat-o-nines, F/m punishment and extensive verbal shaming and humiliation, caging, this woman is worth it. She is regal and that ass is one rump that you will remember forever.

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